Taking full advantage of a jacuzzi spa experience

Awaken your senses and experience a refreshing spa experience at home, in a magical and natural environment with comfortable facilities offering exclusivity combining high quality treatments with the benefits of thermal water.

Share a spa with the family

The ideal place to maximize the benefits of hot springs is the spa. At first, you can rub shoulders with spa rooms that are a little away from your home for a weekend getaway. Everyone will find happiness in this relaxing plan and a hotel with a spa is suitable. Once you are in the spa, new sensations are to be discovered and you can enjoy the good heat of the water suitable for the temperature of your body.

Enjoy the spa in any season

You can change position and lie down for the abs, but you can also choose a spa pool with its aquatic fitness activities. You are only allowed 20 minutes of jacuzzi spa and then you lie on the deck to rest a little and then ask a masseuse to finish the job. Each type of relaxing massage and well-being is important that you cannot have all, but after this session, you are relieved.

A spa in the garden

It is true that you need space to build a spa, but not 3,000 m2. Only if you have a garden of 1,000 m2, it is enough for the well-being that will be well developed in a very large spa shelter. A spa for six people is ideal in this family spa design. There is a well-appointed wellness area around the spa, and the atmosphere is complete with an all-you-can-eat bar, good music, a big screen for enjoying movies and a large dining table after the spa. Illuminated by the sun, with large windows that give north, south and east.

Small lawned garden at the front and large back yard with plants, flowers and small cement pool, built on a spa slope can get where you want.

Prices and formulas

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