A whole selection of top of the range jacuzzi bathtubs

Spend unique times with those around you and take care of yourself are some of the most delightful items and even more immersed in a bath's warm water, free from everyday problems. Using a Jacuzzi bath tubs regularly helps to maintain a good, vigorous and active body. Choose Jacuzzi can be fundamental for maintain a healthy lifestyle for your family.

The characteristics of the Jacuzzi bathtubs

  • The mission of Jacuzzi is to facilitate life through the restoration of rhythm and balance. A challenging task, a hard work session, everyday life's limitations. Many circumstances in which a revitalizing, rewarding, soothing, regenerating ritual is needed.
  • Jacuzzi bathtubs in the core of their production are also outstanding. The adapted power of the pump ensures intense and efficient jets and energetic and controlled circulation of water. It provides optimum convenience. A stiff hydraulic system that prevents water conservation and fully closed nozzles does not leave out hygiene.
  • Jacuzzi has always been at the heart of aesthetics: by working with the greatest Italian and foreign architects, we research and model our products. Our hydro massage technology is demonstrated in contemporary designer bathrooms, in line with the latest developments.
  • Jacuzzi baths use the finest on the market, creative and state-of - the-art technology and components of insulation. By considerably decreasing energy expenditure, they assist to keep water heat more effectively.
  • A Jacuzzi bathtubs is a self-care room: a place to miss the regular excitement, where the shower ritual is enhanced with hydro massage technology for a complete wellness experience.
  • Hydro massage Jacuzzi is distinctive. A unique advantage is the study work that combines hydrotherapy, robotics, ergonomics and layout. The nozzle tilt at 30 ° and the adjustable pumps can reach many joints and provide a full, profound and efficient hydro massage. To satisfy all requirements, three kinds of hydro massage are offered by jacuzzi bathtubs: Classic, Aqua system and Shiatsu.
  • So, if you've chosen to purchase a spa bath or multi-functional shower to relax, revitalize and recharge your batteries, choose the Jacuzzi bath.

Prices and formulas

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