Looking after your health through hydrotherapy

Practitioners of hydrotherapy ensure that one can purify the body and relieve it of various pains through the water. For that, it's time to choose your used hot tubs for sale and get free therapy at home.

Hydrotherapy known to relieve pain

Baths, showers, sauna ... Hydrotherapy is a natural method that uses water in different forms - liquid, vapor, ice - and at various temperatures. The therapeutic properties of water have been recognized since antiquity, to purify, revitalize and tone the body, but also to relieve some pain.

The benefits of hydrotherapy

Water has effects on the blood circulation. These effects vary with the temperature of the water. The skin contains innumerable nerve endings that transmit to the brain the indications of hot and cold. The brain then plays a thermoregulatory role to maintain body temperature at 37 ° C. The application of cold water on the skin causes narrowing of the capillaries. The information is immediately received by the nervous system, which signals the body to compensate for this cooling by immediately sending warm blood to the skin. The caliber of the vessels increases to let the blood pass: it is the vasodilatation.

Conversely, hot water causes dilation of the pores and blood channels: more blood circulates. To counter this phenomenon, the nervous system sends signals to the body so that it decreases the caliber of the vessels. Less blood reaches the surface of the skin: it is vasoconstriction. This ability of water to alter blood flow is the basis of hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapist adapts the care to your personality, your sensitivity, your general condition and, if necessary, the pathology you suffer. He uses several techniques. Among the most common are baths, showers, wraps.

Thus, a small session in a spa allows you to enjoy the benefits of water, whether through baths, showers or steam rooms and saunas.

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