Why you should milit your spa session to 20 min

Spa sessions, otherwise known as hot tubs or jacuzzi, are known to help reduce stress, relax muscles and make sleep easier. Used for therapeutic purposes, the massage jets will also activate the blood circulation and, depending on the power of the nozzles, play a favorable role to reduce muscle tension, joint or back pain. While hot tub hydrotherapy has a number of benefits, hot tubs also pose risk when not used in the intended manner. A spa session should not exceed 20 minutes because beyond 20 minutes, hot water can cause drowsiness or even hyperthermia

Hot Tub Health Risks

Contrary to popular belief, the spa is not bad for health when used properly. There is no risk for the body to bathe in bubbling hot water. It is nevertheless advisable not to stay more than 20 minutes. Body temperature may tend to go down and there may be a minimal risk of hypothermia at the exit. The spa can also be discouraged for the same reason to heart patients. The spa and these cleaning products such as chlorine or ozone may be irritating to the skin or eyes, for example. It all depends on the sensitivity of each. Other dangers of the hot tub are heat stroke and heat exhaustion

How long can you stay in a spa?

Hot tubs can be dangerous if not used in the right manner. A spa session usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes, but this time depends on the temperature of the water and your tastes. Note, however, that the warmer the water, the less time it will stay: for 10 minutes for a temperature of 40 degrees and 20 minutes for water at 34 degrees. do not hesitate, discover a wide range of exceptional whirlpool hot tubs for sale and enjoy a balneotherapy session throughout the year and so you release stress everyday or even improve your sleep!

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