The true wellbeings of the jacuzzi


The jacuzzi is sometimes the subject of real praise. Magazines and DIY stores alike continue to tout the benefits of this legendary hot tub. Between commercial increase and real virtues, here are some facts about Jacuzzis to know absolutely.

We especially know the jacuzzi for its relaxing powers. To make the most of this device, several conditions must be met, starting with the temperature of the water. Indeed, the body relaxes naturally when the bath is around 33 ° C. Thus, heating is one of the conditions for achieving complete relaxation. The second parameter to take into account concerns the release of stress on the joints. This is where the turmoil comes in. When the body floats in water, it experiences an incomparable feeling of release as the jets optimize blood circulation. This same hot water will participate in the natural evacuation of toxins through the pores. 30 minutes in a jacuzzi is normally enough to improve the quality of the bather's sleep.

A jacuzzi combines several technologies. It offers the advantages of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and hydromassage. Air bubbles, for example, help fight stress. Hydromassage, on the other hand, has beneficial effects on people suffering from osteoarthritis or a similar condition. The best result is when the jets are aimed at the right places on the body. In addition to the direction of the jets, their powers must be wisely measured. Experts agree that they provide great benefits to the lumbar areas and back. Note that these parts of the body are those that store tension. In addition, balneotherapy targets the skin more. Cellulite is at the forefront of the concerns erased by the jacuzzi tub. Also on the same list is the heavy leg. We often hear about how effective this type of treatment is for recurring migraines.

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